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Subscriptions to MHC 2017 onwards

The following subscriptions have been agreed:
We strongly recommend that you pay by standing order – instructions are in the application form in the Downloads area of the Home page.

Note that it is a rule of the Club that all members must be paid-up members of the Countryside Alliance and subscribers to a recognised Hunt.

If you are not currently a member, please complete and send an application form.

To book a reduced-rate cap you must be a Hunting member and you MUST have paid your annual MHC subscription beforehand. To book and then pay for a day's hunting with a reduced-rate cap see the Hunting page.

To pay for your MHC subscription you can use: To pay by bank transfer, please contact the MHC Secretary via the Contact page who will let you have bank account details and a payment reference to use.

MHC subscription online payment

You can pay here using a credit card, debit card or PayPal by: You will be presented with an invitation to either log in to a PayPal account or (if you wish to pay by credit or debit card) 'Check Out as a Guest'

You will be presented with confirmation of your payment amount and asked to provide some further information.

When your payment is complete, the system will immediately email you a receipt. This is copied to the MHC Secretary.

Who is the subscription for?
if it isn't just you
(e.g. John Deere and Jane Dough