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The MHC provides many different types of newsfeed to keep you up to date with what has happened and what is planned. Most are publicly available, but email is restricted to MHC members. The main source of publicly available MHC news is this website's News column and Coming Events page. Information from the Events page is fed to the MHC's smartphone 'app'. The website's Home page News column is distributed via RSS. MHC's Twitter posts (tweets) are fed to the MHC's Facebook page and to a page on this website.
There is a separate website for Garthorpe Racing

Public availability

Apart from this website, the following sources contain publicly available MHC information:

Smartphone 'app'

This app is currently available for Android phones and can be downloaded from Google Play in the usual way: just click on the Play Store app and search for Melton Hunt Club. Phones which use the Android operating system are by far the most popular smartphones currently sold and are made by many different phone manufacturers. Broadly speaking, if it isn't an iPhone it is an Android phone. Popular examples are all Google Nexus models, the Samsung Galaxy range, the HTC One range and the Sony Xperia. If you have an apparently suitable phone but Google Play stops you downloading the app, you are probably running an old version of Android and need to update it.
The app initially displays a menu page: click on the Events button to display the coming events list, the Pay cap button to pay for an MHC reduced-rate cap, on the Pay Misc. button to pay for other MHC events such as the cross-country Ride and social events, and on the Subscription button to pay your MHC Subscription. If you already have the app installed, it should automatically be updated, but if the menu only displays the Events button please select the app on Play Store and click Update.


The MHC's Twitter username is @MeltonHuntClub. The MHC Twitter newsfeed on this website contains only those tweets sent by MHC. It does not include replies or retweets: this is to ensure that none of the tweets shown are malicious or libellous. If you want to follow all MHC-related tweets, please sign in to your own Twitter account and follow @MeltonHuntClub.
There is also a Twitter consolidated newsfeed that lists all the tweets from the three 'MHC-country' hunts (Belvoir, Cottesmore and Quorn) plus those from the Twitter account of @GarthorpeRaces and from MHC itself


The MHC's Facebook page name is Melton Hunt Club. Tabs on that page display coming events and a summary of the MHC's recent tweets. This page is deliberately 'locked down' to block posts other than those from the MHC itself.

There is a separate Facebook page for Garthorpe Racing

Restricted availability


The MHC distributes much of its information via email to members.

Please contact the Hon Secretary (see the Contact page) if you wish to be added to the email service.