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Help, Access and site map

Access for those with disabilities

Except for some 'maintenance' pages not accessible by users, all pages contain a standard multi-button horizontal menu at the head of the page. This menu is the same on every page in which it appears; this is to help those who have difficulty navigating from page to page. Selecting a main menu item either navigates directly to a target page (Contact, for example, takes you directly to the Contact Us page) or, where there are several further target pages, drop-down menus appear. Main menu items and drop-down menu items change (invert) colour when the user's mouse hovers over them to help those with visual impairments. All this is easier to try than to explain - please experiment and see for yourself!

Almost all body text is black on white. In the few instances where it isn't (in tables such as the site-map below, where successive rows are colour contrasted to make reading easier), the text-to-background colour and brightness contrast has been selected so as to be visible to those who have difficulty discriminating between colours. And apart from text within graphics, all main body text is resizable using your browser's View / Text Size feature. This is to assist those who have difficulty reading the standard print size (which is roughly 10 point - 0.7 em).

Graphics - including menu graphics - have alternative descriptive tags ('Alt attributes') which are readable by the text-to-voice readers used by those with visual impairments.

In the footer of most pages there is a link to this 'Help, Accessibility and Site-map' page and also to the 'Search this site' page which allows the site to be seached in Google style which should be familiar to most users.

Trade advertisements

If you wish to place a commercial advertisement, please have a look at our Advertising possibilities and rate card and then email your requirements to 'Display Advertising' from the Contact Us email form. Please note that we reserve the right to decline any advertisement and especially one which conflicts or competes with the business actities of an MHC sponsor.

Problems and suggestions

If you wish to report problems with this website or have difficulty using it or would like to suggest an enhancement, please email 'This website' from the Contact Us email form. If you cannot use the Contact Us email form successfully to do this, please contact the MHC Secretary in the first instance.


This site has been validated to conform to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional industry standard. This means that it should not suddenly stop working when new versions of browsers are introduced. And all reasonable steps have been taken to make the site also conform to the W3G Web Accessibility initiative (WCAG 2.0) levels 1 and 2 with the exception that accessibility keys for menu items are not currently provided.

Page title Contents
Home Site introduction, with links to other related websites and the Breaking News ('stop press') column.
Coming Events Coming events calendar.
Garthorpe A description and unique map of the Garthorpe course
Cross-country ride Details of the next cross-country ride. When available, an entry form can be downloaded from the Home page Downloads area
Sponsored ride Details of the next sponsored ride. When available, an entry form can be downloaded from the Home page Downloads area
Hunting Arrangements between the MHC and its constituent Hunts
Subscriptions Current MHC subscriptions
History History or the MHC
Contact Us Names and addresses of main contacts, and an email form to contact them.
Help, access and site map This page...
Search Allows the site to be searched in familiar Google style.
Advertising Details of how to advertise here and of our trade advertising rates.
Tweets Recent MHC tweets
Newsfeeds How to use the various newsfeeds, especially Twitter and Facebook